I tried these insane old drinks from the 1800s | How to Drink

I’m not sure half the stuff in this book is safe to ingest. I’m gonna do it anyway!

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Trying drinks from 139 years ago: https://youtu.be/9fULHL5r0dg?si=CcnROVC1dyFByzbc
4 Weird drinks people loved in 1776: https://youtu.be/pSO6-TaoP-g?si=pP6pKGjm38TyU3Ii
I suffer through 6 drinks straight out of a 70s disco hell: https://youtu.be/MEgjqPSIYl4?si=PIe3pAW9hfeF1Ygm

00:00 What are we doing here?
00:31 Black Stripe
05:00 Brandy, Burned, And Peaches
07:50 The Golden Slipper
08:35 Using raw eggs safely
12:00 Knickerbein
15:50 Peach And Honey

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