Blind taste and rank 10 vodkas- PUNISHMENT | How to Drink

I’m playing the Vodka Game, I’ve got to put these 10 glasses of vodka in order from cheap to expensive or else I drink The Punishment Drink…

People have been asking where to buy some of the bottles I use on the show, Here’s a start:
The (More or Less) Official How to Drink Spirits Collection

At long last an episode all about vodka. They gave me ten glasses and put letters on them, I didn’t know what was inside, I had to taste them and put them in order from cheap to expensive. And some of them were very cheap. None of them were VERY expensive. This episode was not fun to film. And the worst thing is, that if I don’t score enough points in this game I’ve got to drink the Punishment Drink. I also do not know what’s in that. I let everyone at the shoot with me put one ounce of anything they wanted in a glass together. This episode is going to be a doozy, so let’s get it over with.

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